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How to Increase Page Rank

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What is Page Rank?

If you're involved in SEO, or have the Google Toolbar installed in your browser, chances are you'll have come across Google page rank.

Google Page Rank basically a score for your website out of 10 based upon how important Google think you're page is in the whole scheme of web searchery.

By important, Google means how many people link to your page, the more pages there are, the more relevant your page must be.  But that's not quite it, it's no good having thousands of links to your page if they're not important pages themselves, so in turn, it is also determined by the quality of the pages that link to you.

Google themselves say the importance is made up of over 500 million variables and 2 billion terms, whilst Wikipedia have a "simplified" algorithm that in my opinion is anything but,  mind you, math was never my forte.

In a nutshell, more quality links = higher page ranks.  Like with many SEO techniques, Google page rank alone will not guarantee you a high ranking, but it will help, it's more than likely that pages with a lower page rank will appear above yours if they have managed to crack other areas of SEO.

Rest assured though, if you have a number of quality links to your page, it's SERP (search engine results page) ranking will improve along with its page rank, which will do you no harm at all in the SEO world.

Realistically speaking, as a small business owner you should probably be aiming for a score of around 2 or 3 once you're site is established in the Google.  High scores of 7 or above to be reserved for the big players, such as Microsoft, Apple and Google themselves (the google home page gets 10)

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Page Rank Inbound/Backlink Implementation

The page rank of a page depends on the number and page rank metric of all pages that link to it. A page that is linked to, by many pages with high page rank receives a high rank itself. Implementing BackLinks from other high page rank sites will determine the popularity or importance of your website and result in a higher ranking in Google.

Our team at Search Engine Partner will look at your firm's current website, search engine presence, and the competitive landscape of the internet for your targeted clients. We will then decide the best strategy for accomplishing both your short and long term goals. Campaigns are completely customized to every client.

Campaigns may start out with a very narrow match keyword assignment, while others target both broad and narrow match keyword phrases. Direction of all campaigns is determined by the factors listed above, budget, and how much revenue your firm is generating from your search marketing efforts. We perform only "white hat" techniques utilizing a thematic optimization methodology according to industry approved best practices. We do not use any "black hat" tactics such as link farming, cloaking, spamming, keyword or content stuffing. We incorporate all aspects of the best aspects of the most effective industry standards to develop and implement strategies in both organic and paid searches. In doing this, we can achieve both short and long term goals in some of the following areas:

Linkbait Formulation

Linkbait is the website content that targets link-friendly audiences. Its goals include high levels of traffic, visibility, branding, and numerous links; having many relative links to your site increase page rank and assist your site with moving up in Google.

Inbound Link Popularity and Diversity Strategy Formulation

We search out relevant websites for your website to exchange links with. We will find back links with high ranking sites and link your site as well the targeted websites on the first five pages of Google's search result page.  We will form strategic alliances with quality websites that will point to targeted websites and yours. This will improve the internal link structure of the site in all areas and will give a higher page raking. A page that is linked to by many pages with high PageRank receives a high rank itself.

Keys to Search Engine Ranking

Google uses dozens of factors to determine which site will rank highest for specific keywords. The primary ranking factors that we evaluate from an overall perspective are the following:

Backend Coding (what the robots see)
The way the code is written and how certain elements are used to build relevancy for keywords is essential in a search engine marketing plan. Some of the code elements include META tags, site accessibility tags like XHTML attributes, CSS, XML sitemaps, JavaScript, dynamic content like PHP and general code cleanliness.

Website Architecture
The structure of the website is critical to achieving search engine rankings for two reasons. First, it is important to make sure that your pages and content are being indexed (consistently crawled) by the search engine spiders. Second, the manner in which pages link together, especially the use of text links, is critical to help build relevancy for keywords. If this may be seen as being done by an engineer, the code of the website above is done by engineers.

SEO Copywriting
Search engine algorithms are placing more importance than ever on the text content on the website. If a site is aiming to rank for specific keywords and phrases, it is critical that the site have readable text content that incorporate those keywords or phrases. Mentioning a targeted phrase one time in the text is not sufficient.

Link Popularity
Google measures the popularity of your website by the amount and quality of websites that are linking to your site. If your site does not have competitive link popularity, it will not achieve top rankings for keywords. We will look at the sites that are consistently ranking for your desired keywords, and make sure that we build enough in-bound link popularity so that your site can compete for rankings.

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