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eCommerce Website Construction

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As experts in search engine marketing having invented SEO, we are also proud to be experts at eCommerce website design and development. According to Inc, osCommerce (and modifications like ZenCart and CRELoaded) and Magento control about 75% of the ecommerce market share. You should note that we took part in the development of osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC 2a, which was released in 2005 and v3.0 Alpha 5, which was released in 2010. The reason we have chosen these two platforms is because they are based on an open source language called php. This is actually the same language that and uses. The advantages of using an open source language like php are that it allows contributors all over the world to tweak and refine it. We chose php to build osCommerce in php because, unlike Microsoft languages like .Net, php literally allowed the collaboration of thousands of web developers across the globe. The result was v3.0 Alpha 5 released in 2010.

The best part about open source is that if a virus is discovered, rather than trying to combat it manually, which can almost be impossible, one of the hundreds of thousands of contributors around the world would have already identified it and written a solution, which we can upload to your website without any delay.


Along the way, our partners have also perfected several add-ons to osCommerce that allow us to seamlessly manage your product inventories and optimize each individual product page. We even have the ability to upload all of your products to Google and keep them apprised of any changes to your inventory.

Finally, what is even more important for your business is that our addons allow us to synch osCommerce with your accounting software like QuickBooks and TurboTax, so at the end of the year your sales will already be calculated and you'll know when to re-order inventory.

You will notice that the 500 free website templates featured on our website are all built in osCommerce.

Magento is very similar to osCommerce. It was developed by a private company also in php incorporating many of the same addons we developed for osCommerce.

Benefit from our experience in allowing us to build your ecommerce website with proven technologies.

Advanced E-Commerce Features:

Fully Customizable Shopping Cart

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We offer full ecommerce website construction services on the same level as or Chances are, if you can imagine it, we can do it!

Automated tracking and order processing

ecommerce website construction

One of our addons to osCommerce allows us to build an inventory management system into your website's backend, which will help you manage how many items you have in inventory, print shipping labels, and notify customers when their orders are shipped automatically.

SEO eCommerce Web Design

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Remember that we invented SEO and coined the term in 1996? Since then we've perfected our addons for osCommerce, which are already ready to be incorporated into your website. Why pay someone else to try write code from scratch that may not even work?

User Friendly

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Not only do we make your website easy for your customers to use; we make it easy for you to manage with a very simplified backend that will allow you to manage all aspects of your site without the need for a webmaster. Since it's built in open source we also have hundreds of tutorials and videos for you to watch.

Smooth and Secure Checkout

secure ecommerce website

Not only to we install and incorporate SSL certificates into an ecommerce website and host it on a secure server, we have several addons that will encrypt your customers payment information, so much so they it would be impossible to hack.

Exclusive Features

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Live chat on your iPhone, customer driven FAQ pages, Excel product uploads with multiple images, Fancy image windows, and absolute paths (ie .html as opposed to ?94043542008) make our ecommerce offering superior to any of our SEO competitors.

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