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SEO Reviews and Search Engine Marketing Reviews

best SEO company

SEP is committed to using methods that work and the SEO Reviews on the page are a testament to the services we offer. That is why we offer SEO that excels. Our methods are tried and true, and we will always offer only those business solutions to our partners that we ourselves will stand behind. Below are some of our SEO Reviews.

SEO Review 1:

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"EasyLobby's business depends upon leads that come from keyword searches – primarily from people who know the functionality of what they want but not the name of the companies providing it. SE Partners has dramatically improved our rankings across a range of the most relevant keywords, thereby increasing the number of people who visit our website and request more information from us or sign up to receive a free demo of our product. At the same time SE Partners has greatly improved the effectiveness of our PPC program by lowering our cost per click and improving results. They are great to work with and truly understand the business of optimizing website performance to drive more business. We are extremely happy with the results they have achieved and are happy to write this SEO Review."
John V. Murzycki
Director of Marketing
EasyLobby, Inc.

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SEO Review 2:

search engine marketing reviews

"SE Partners has continuously provided unconditional support to the Jessica June Children's Cancer Foundation (JJCCF). SEP has proven to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and has taken the time to introduce us to details related to Internet Searching, Websites and many other technicalities we were not familiar with. Additionally, SEP has demonstrated a high level of capacity for solving many technical problems we have encountered with regards to our website and internet searching. Their work is reliable, professional and sure to help any organization having a website and wanting to improve their ranking and increase visitors to their site.

I commend special companies like SEP who take a special interest in contributing to nonprofit organizations in our community. We offer this SEO review on the SEO services received from such a quality company who are active members of our community. As a result of SEP's generosity, more children in need fighting cancer in our community will be served by the Jessica June Children's Cancer Foundation."
Sandra Muvdi, President/Founder sandra{at}
Jessica June Children's Cancer Foundation

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SEO Review 3:

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"My medical centers originally signed up with what was supposed to be the largest SEO company in Southern California. They charged an exorbitant amount for their SEO services and were obviously catering to large companies. After a couple of months we were banned in Google. For the next year our visits went down to almost zero, all the while we were stuck in a monthly fee contract. SE Partners helped us get unbanned and our website is now bringing in more traffic than ever before."

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SEO Review 4:

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"We have been a client of SE Partner since 2009. Prior to that we contracted SEO Inc  for their SEO services with a $25,000 package, which was the smallest they offered at the time. While with SEO Inc we unfortunately saw hardly any progress made. No inbound links were posted and we were not even listed in Google maps. They forced us to use keywords they chose, which they assured us would bring in more traffic than the keywords we wanted. We became concerned and began contacting some of their competitors who were even more expensive than SEO Inc. We ended up switching to SE Partner and ended up paying $10,000 for an almost identical package. The only difference was that SE Partner had us on the first page of Google for the keywords we chose and they did it within 3 months. Thank you SE Partner. We are also proud to write this SEO Review."

-Scott Smith, VP ssmith{at}

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SEO Review 5:

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"For the 7+ years we have been around we were never ranked in Google. After singing with SE Partners they had us on the first page of Google for the most competitive keywords in our industry within a couple of weeks! Unbelievable! They also helped our website achieve page rank of 4 after a couple of months, which actually stuck this time."

-Jeffrey Rodman, Owner review{at}

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SEO Review 6:

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search engine marketing reviews

"SEP ranked us on the first page of Google for the keyword'Business coach' within 2 months."

-Cris Frankel, CEO and Founder: frankelbusinesscoaching{at}

SEO Review 7:

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"We were really happy with how much improvement we saw with our website after SE Partner optimized us! This is absolutely major, and has increased the number of inquiries we receive incredibly. We are now receiving at least 1,500 unique visits per month. Thank you so much SEP for being a part of our team and I cannot wait to have you help all of our partners and clients with the finesse and dedication you have shown all of us! It was a pleasure writing this SEO review for you and as many more SEO reviews as you may need."

-Georgina Scott, Vice President: info{at}

SEO Review 8:

seo testimonial

Increased search engine traffic almost 17,000%!!!

SEO reviwed

Contact: Kayla{at}

SEO Review 9:

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Our Own Rankings:

And finally, if you've asked yourself what we are ranked for you should note that we are by no means hypocrites. We have specifically limited our inbound links to the minimum amount possible. With a Google page rank of 3 and less than 2,000 inbound links, we were able to achieve the rankings below, which are bringing in 4,000 unique visitors per month:

Keyword Estimated Avg. CPC US Monthly Searches Global Monthly Searches
search engine seo $5.34 40,500 74,000
guaranteed search engine optimization $7.06 5,400 12,100
guaranteed seo $5.79 3,600 9,900
define:social networking $2.99 2,400 5,400
how to increase page rank $2.08 1,600 4,400
top seo firms $0.05 1,900 3,600
seo 2.0 $0.05 880 2,900
best seo companies $0.05 1,000 2,400
best seo firms $0.05 1,300 2,400
define:web 3.0 $2.50 590 1,900
define: web 3.0 $0.00 590 1,900
define:social media $2.18 590 1,000
define:rss feed $1.11 590 1,000
first page ranking $3.12 590 880
guaranteed search engine marketing $13.38 210 320
define:robots.txt file $2.61 unknown unknown


best SEO company
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