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SEO Optimization

best SEO company

Thank you for extending your time in reviewing our website; it will explain how our proven SEO optimization strategies can lift your site – and your sales – above your competition.

It will show you how we deliver not only higher search engine rankings and more traffic, but more importantly how we attract qualified, ready-to-buy prospects to your site. That's an important difference that sets us apart from other SEO companies, along with our unique manipulation of Google's algorithm on an ever-changing basis and our thorough website analytics service to measure results.

Furthermore, all of our SEO optimization packages come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If we do not rank your website on the first page of a Google/Yahoo/Microsoft Bing result for ten different terms, then your lump sum payment will be refunded. Search Engine Partner also has a unique "Pay-for-Performance" program, where after the initial set up, you only pay for the top ten rankings we actually achieve for you in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing (MSN), which are the three most popular search engines. If we don't deliver the results, you don't pay for that month's maintenance fee and if we rank less than 10 keywords you also pay nothing!

What You Need to Know About Today's SEO

SEO Optimization is a moving target. Google especially never stands still; they are constantly refining their methods and algorithms to deliver the most accurate, relevant results to searchers. They're also making it more and more difficult for unscrupulous marketers to manipulate search engine results with optimization tricks. This is actually a good thing… at Search Engine Partner; we have always advocated using acceptable practices based on Google's Webmaster Guidelines to boost your rankings and traffic.

That's why we want to stress to you that SEO should be considered a marathon rather than a sprint to the finish line. Using tricks and manipulation may get you fast, impressive results but they will be fleeting and could even be damaging. Using legitimate and effective SEO optimization strategies will deliver more impressive business results that will endure... but it will require some time and patience.

Our SEO Optimization Process Defined

Discovery Interview
In order to truly make your seo optimization plan a success, our SEO technicians need to gain a thorough understanding and background of your business; how it generates a profit, what its niche is, and which strategies you may or may not have pursued. Our discovery interview provides you with the opportunity to provide the needed information that will make your campaign a success. Additionally, you can ask those questions that have been on your mind regarding the types of changes that will be made to your site, when to expect results, how you can help maximize your campaign, and more.

Keyword Research
The keyword research process is the foundation to a successful SEO Optimization campaign. Our comprehensive keyword research process allows us to identify the following:

  • Targeted keywords that will produce the highest possible volume of traffic;
  • Keywords that your competitors are using to find success;
  • Important high traffic keywords your competitor doesn't know about;
  • Newly emerging keywords based on new trends, products and services related to your website;
  • Keywords with high conversion rates to increase your return on investment.

This information will help us identify search terms that are important to your SEO campaign and overall online success. Note: We do NOT use free or 3rd party software or website based keyword suggestion tools. Rather, we find keywords by physically looking at your competitors' websites and plugging those search terms in trial Google Adwords campaigns. This is the only proven method of predicting search volume and we have stood by this approach since 2001.

Website Analysis
There are three key areas Google looks at; your site, your server, and your previous history within its indexes. Our SEO optimization experts completes a comprehensive analysis from your domains origination, to how the search engines see your site today.

Below you will find a list of areas our SEO optimization will cover:

  • Analysis of server at the server level; including structure & technologies used throughout website;
  • Analysis of server at the host level, DNS setup, IP setup;
  • Analysis of site structure & page relationships;
  • Current indexation status across Google, Yahoo, and Bing;
  • Identification of any issues currently impacting search engine spidering from host, server and site levels;
  • Analysis of site link structure, page structure, navigational structure, and hierarchical system of content in relation to the site.

Content Analysis
A Content Analysis is completed on pages throughout your website. This allows us to identify the existing pages and content that has the potential to help support your selected keywords and sustain long-term top ten rankings. If your site is in need of additional copy (text), we then work with you and a professional SEO copy writer to ensure the proper marketing message is conveyed within new creative copy written especially for your site.

Copy Writing
There are times when sites do not have enough text or copy to support their SEO campaign; there are also times where pages within your site are perfect for the visitor, but missing integral parts for a successful SEO optimization campaign. We offer a professional copy writing service that will allow you to keep your existing content intact, while incorporating new content and copy and/or pages within your site to ensure the success of your campaign. This highly creative copy will incorporate your marketing message, strong calls to action, and exhibit the same look and feel as your existing web pages. You will always have the final say of any potentially new copy created for your website.

Competitor Analysis
The only way to beat the competition is to know the competition! Your assigned SEO optimization team will identify your competitors based on the keywords you select; locate the keywords that they are targeting, find sites that link to them, compare your site to your competitors, and identify just what is needed to out-rank them and obtain top ten rankings for your most sought-after keywords. This information is then used to design your Link Strategy, Content Analysis, and SEO Implementation.

Link Popularity Strategy
One of the most difficult parts of SEO Optimization is building link popularity. Our SEO optimization experts will design a successful link popularity strategy for your site; specifically designed to help your site achieve top search engine rankings for the keywords you select. The perfect mix of link building options will be selected to fashion a customized link strategy created for longevity and a permanent high rank.

Social Media Optimization
*Did you know that we were the first company ever to begin optimizing for social media in 2001?

There are two separate categories for social media; social networking and social bookmarking.

Social networking is made up of sites like Myspace, Facebook, Plaxo, Bebo, LinkedIn, and now Twitter. Myspace, Plaxo, and Bebo are now populated with people aged 10-21 and 45-60. Facebook and LinkedIn are populated with people 21-35. So, depending on the demographic of your business you'd want to lean towards one of these. However, please don't expect any leads to come through any of these social networking mediums. They are simply intended to come up in the search engine results and drive traffic to your website.

The remainder of the social media sites are probably in a category of social bookmarking. If you've ever bookmarked a webpage or placed it in your favorites (depending on your web browser), this is the same concept. The only difference is that social bookmarking is public, so you post your bookmarks on the web for everyone to share. For SEO, this is very important because spiders can see the amount of bookmarks for a website and take this into consideration within their algorithm. They don't count as much for inbound links, however, because of the low page ranks.

Twitter is a new social media site that simply allows users to post updates about their life and for people to literally follow these updates. It uniquely combines both social networking and bookmarking and has the benefit of a page rank.

Search Engine Submissions
Our team takes the time to manually submit each optimized URL within your website, to the major search engines. Manual submissions are the only way to correctly notify the search engines that changes have been made to specific pages within your site. Additionally, we have a robust set of proprietary tools that notifies us when you or your webmaster makes changes to your web pages. This alerts our SEO team that additional manual submissions are needed; ensuring the search engines know it's time to reindex your web pages for potential ranking increases.

Google and Yahoo! Sitemap installation / submissions
Google & Yahoo! Sitemaps tell the search engines which pages are most important to your seo optimization plan. Our SEO team will create and adjust the necessary areas within the Sitemaps to ensure that your most relevant pages are given the proper prominence. Additionally, our SEO experts will take proactive steps in troubleshooting and monitoring your site through the Google Webmaster Console. This allows our SEO team to accurately identify and track your backlinks, link popularity, broken links, and indexing speeds; as reported by Google.

Backend Web Programming
Our promise to our partners is to provide the best value for the investment. Not only do we want to make your website look great, we want search engines to think it looks great too.

We pride ourselves in being able to communicate a vision and corporate agenda through unmatched design capabilities and practical application while making a web design search engine / SEO friendly.  We value the message that you wish to deliver to your customers, and we will work together with you ensure all of your goals are met. This is why we design our own custom sites to fit your specific needs. The advantage of this option is that you will receive a unique design that is specific to your business. We code all of our designs from scratch, giving us more flexibility in achieving the look, feel, and functionality that you desire. This is a no template zone!

SEO Implementation
The core of your SEO success is SEO implementation. Our SEO experts will make the necessary adjustments to your website with regards to incorporating your selected keywords into existing web pages, adjusting the keyword density needed to achieve top ten rankings, editing and optimizing the most important areas within your site's source code, creating and implementing server level adjustments to ensure your site is SEO friendly and more. All changes are provided to you in a private development area that is not viewable to the public. Upon your review and approval, your changes will be made live; effectively wrapping up the SEO implementation process.

SEO Optimization Reporting

Baseline Ranking and Website Position Report:
We will run a ranking report showing all your existing listings in the major search engines before we start. This elaborate report will be sent via email to you for you to help document our progress.

Monthly Ranking and Website Position Report:
Every 30 days, we will run a ranking report to document the progress and send it to you via email.

Project Status Reports:
Our SEO optimization technicians will contact you from time-to-time via email with project status reports. In addition, feel free to contact us at any time via email or via phone during business hours with any questions.

SEO Optimization

Keyword Levels

Separating keywords by levels is an idea that was we formulated in reaction to the varying competitive nature of certain keywords. Note: a keyword is the entire line or phrase that might be typed into a search engine box to produce a result; it is not literally one word. There are keywords that can be much more competitive per season such as buzz words, keywords that are just continuously competitive by their nature, and keywords (for our purposes) that are less competitive or are just becoming buzz words. Pricing on all keywords is dependent on Google AdWords. There are keywords that may cost anywhere from 5 cents per click, on the sponsored link section of Google (right hand side), and keywords that cost up to $35 per click. Surprisingly a keyword like "diamond" may actually cost less than "123 Diamond" because it is producing less of a result in the pay per click side; less people click on sponsored links in Google for the search diamond and more people click on sponsored links for the search 123 Diamond. Rather than arbitrarily pricing keywords and proving our clients with the least competitive keywords to try to maximize our profits, our levels of keywords are broken down into these three basic categories.

The price of keywords, whether on the organic (left hand side) or pay per click side, also changes on a seasonal basis. Buzz words today that are extremely competitive may have been worth literally nothing yesterday. It is almost like investing in a commodity; if you have a connection in the market, you can likely buy at the low. That is why we pride ourselves on the relationships we have created within the business arena.

Level 1:
These keywords have the highest competition out of any search terms. The results returned in Google are in the hundreds of millions, clicks are in the thousands per day, and companies are willing to pay large sums to show up under these searches. In fact, most of these keywords cost at least $150,000 per month to appear on the first page under the Sponsored Link or Pay Per Click section. Competing with these sites will require an exorbitant amount of work. Most likely this option will require having an entire additional SEO optimization team being assigned to it. These types of keywords may be one or two words like wholesale diamonds or headlights, brand names like Blue Nile, and buzz words like iPhone 4. They are considered to usually be research keywords that searchers initially type in when looking something up for the first time. Typically only companies that have spent at least $35,000 on their websites optimize for these types of keywords.

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Level 2:
These keywords are highly competitive. They are buzz words within niches, buzz words that are starting to become outdated, or words that searchers will generally think to type in. These are also shopping keywords. Generally people will type in these words when looking for something more specific. e.g. Diamond engagement ring, godaddy promo codes, top hosting company. They produce a moderate ROI.


Level 3:
These keywords are less competitive, but produce the highest ROI. They are buying keywords. They might include very specific phrases like three stone diamond engagement ring or a geo-targeted terms like personal trainer boca raton. This searcher is actually in the market to purchase something. They are recommended for both large to small websites, but especially for small businesses.


Level 4:
These are very specific keywords that only a select group of searchers may type in and, as such, have the lowest costs per click on Google Adwords. They may be words that only a specific market segment would know such as maggiano's coupon code, the actual name of the business itself, or very specific keywords like hosting company $6.95 month plan special code.


What's included in OUR SEO Optimization

  • Google Analytics Management
  • Google Webmaster Tools Management
  • Copy/Text Rewriting and Revisions
  • XHTML Website Revisions and Repair including W3C tags and attributes (sometimes called SEO 1.0)
  • Text as Images to Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Conversions
  • Inbound/Backlinking on relevant websites and subpsages with page ranks of 2 and higher that are in accordance with Google's guidelines for outbound linking
  • Directory Listings (all major directories)
  • Search Engine Submissions (manually submitting each page)
  • Google and Yahoo! Sitemaps
  • Blog Installation (Wordpress blog)
  • Social Media and Networking Strategies including: Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo! Answers,, and more
  • Social Bookmarking including: Google Buzz, Digg,, StumbleUpon etc.
  • 301 Keyword Domain Redirects
  • Subpage Renaming
  • Favicon
  • SEO Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Local Search Optimization including Google Maps Listings and Reviews
  • Syndication: RSS 2.0, ATOM, etc.

We encourage you to compare our services to those of any other SEO company. You'll notice most often our competitors price their SEO optimization on only one of the services listed above.

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best SEO company
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