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Link Building Services

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Unlike most link builders, when we provide our link building service our goal is to place both highly relevant links with high page ranks and without no follow attributes as well as links that will be permanent and will not be catalogued on sites like blogs and forums.

Our Criteria for Link Building under the Link SPAM and Trust Rank / Link Rank Algorithms:

Our links. . . .

Are always related to the niche/category/theme directly related to your website
Always use the keywords we identify through the keyword research phase of your SEO campaign as anchor text
Come from .com, .org, or .edu domain extensions
Come from sites that have a Google Page Rank of at least 2 (PR2)
Come from sites that have been cached by Google
Come from sites that are hosted in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or other English speaking countries on Class C IP addresses.
Come from sites that are in English
Come from sites that do NOT expire within the following two years
Come from pages that do NOT already contain over 90 other links.
Allow search engines to follow them (no nofollow tags, or hidden links)
Come from sites that have been live for more than 1 year.
Come from pages that are NOT hidden or excluded from being indexed by search engines
Come from sites that are NOT SPAM sites or link farms
Use title attributes in addition to anchor text. Anchor text is the clickable text and a title attribute is the title a search engine reads associated with the link (title="").

The format of our links allow for search engines like Google to associate the keywords you are targeting with your website because they are in the form:  text text text <a href="http://www.your web site adress" title="sample keyword">sample keyword</a> text text text.
Simply posting a link like http://www.your website does not allow Google to attribute the keyword to your website and, although, your page rank will go up, it will not lead to your website ranking.

Our links are also thoughtfully and intelligently written and directly related to the page being posted on. In the case of a blog, we will usually follow up on a previous post. We do not simply post the same description for each link. 

And finally, our links remain in place for at least 6 months or they will be replaced.

LINK SPAM Algorithm

link building

It is very important that the above steps are followed exactly because of a new algorithm called Link SPAM that we Google has just incorporated into their Trust Rank / Link Rank algorithm. The modified version of the Link SPAM algorithm works by keeping a list of two different types of sites. One is an authoritative list of sites like Wikipedia and very large reputable companies. The other list is of websites that have been flagged as SPAM either by the algorithm or by Google engineers. Any sites the first list links to (up to about 10 times over) will receive points as an inbound link. Any sites on the second will have points deducted and may even be flagged for an individual inspection and, if the person doing the inspection sees a substantial amount of SPAM sites linking to your site, we believe that your site will also be flagged as SPAM. So, even though you may have a very large amount of seemingly good links because they are coming from "relevant" sites with page rank, those links may actually damage your website's ranking.

What's The Difference Between Our Links and Theirs?

Their links:

bad links

Notice this site has 18,760 inbound links, but only a Google Page Rank of 1.

Our links:

good links

This is an actual client of ours. We built 564 links.

Here, the 564 links are worth 4x more than 18,760!

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best SEO company
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