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Live Streaming Video Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting
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Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting: Cloud Hosting is web hosting where more than one server is used as a host. This may be in the context of multiple servers in one single location or multiple servers in multiple locations. The benefit of the first option of cloud hosting is that if there is a power outage in one geographic location, the second server would not be affected. The benefit of the second option of cloud hosting would be that server resources can be combined for the same files.

Cost Efficiency

Cloud Hosting is especially important for new websites and for SEO purposes. Unlike traditional server configurations, cloud hosting has the benefit of growing with the website being hosted. What can start off as the cost and resources of a shared server can lead to being several dedicated servers connected together without the need to transfer anything and zero downtime and can even shrink during periods of less traffic.

From an SEO perspective, cloud hosting is extremely important because when a website begins to rank it will usually experience an almost vertical graph of unique visitors that would crash any shared hosting setup. The only way to avoid this would have been to start off with a dedicated server from the get go, but why pay dedicated server prices for no reason?


Cloud Hosting has specifically become more popular in recent years for scalability reasons with websites built in ecommerce and blog platforms like OS Commerce, Magenta, Wordpress, and Joomla, which can require very large amounts of resources especially if the websites attract over 15,000 unique visitors per month. While most traditional web hosts would require the client to switch to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or even a dedicated server at that point, Cloud Hosting offers the flexibility of adding the resources of a second server to the one already configured.


Cloud Hosting has also become very popular for redundancy reasons. Most websites experience some kind of down time. A recent study by showed that almost 99.9% of websites experience 1 hour of downtime per month. This usually corresponds with hosting companies having to reboot the server. The benefit of cloud hosting is that while the primary server is being rebooted, the secondary server would kick in and since both share the same files any orders on an ecommerce website would carry over.

Streaming Video Hosting

With the advent of YouTube HD and other forms of Flash Video Over IP, broadcasters have sought the ability to stream live video in equal quality. The technology behind YouTube and video streaming is not very complicated.  The HD video is converted to a Flash file format on hosted on a server where the server's resources are used to play the video in real time as opposed to the viewers. Depending on the file size of the video streaming and the amount of requests to watch it, the server's resources can become depleted very quickly.

This is where cloud hosting comes into play. With the scalability of cloud hosting, streaming a video can become seamless; as more requests are made on the primary server, resources from other servers can be added automatically to compensate.

Cloud Hosting can even enable the ability to stream live video in HD to an unlimited number of viewers in real time. A 720p HD webcam will allow live video to be uploaded to the server and streamed live to viewers with a delay less than that of Cable coaxial lines.

Having coined the term Cloud Hosting, Search Engine Partner is leading the way in server technology and offers the highest quality and fastest technology for live streaming video to our clients.

Cloud Hosting Servers:

All of our severs are owned and managed by The Planet
Dell PowerEdge R710 Cloud Hosting

2xIntel Xeon Xeon 5660 WestMere 2.8 GHz Six Core (12 Cores!) – scalable RAM starting at 6GB - 2000GB (2TB) Bandwidth – scalable hard drive storage starting at 1TB.
Gulftown or Westmere-EP is the codename of a six-core hyperthreaded Intel processor able to run up to 12 threads in parallel and using the Intel Nehalem microarchitecture in the 32 nm "Westmere" shrink. Housed in a Dell PowerEdge R710 server and equipped with the new Westmere microarchitecture processor.

Software: XenServer Based VPS Technology, CentOS 5.4 Operating System, cPanel / WHM

Self Explanatory Pricing:

Confused about how much RAM or Bandwidth you may need?
Tiered of changing hosts once a month because your website comes to a crawl about a month after you've been with a hosting company?

We've taken the thought process out of our cloud hosting pricing models.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

unlimited unique visitors per month website hosting or live streaming video hosting

up to 30,000 unique visitors per month website hosting or live streaming video hosting

up to 10,000 unique visitors per month website hosting

less than 10,000 unique visitors per month website hosting

$199 per month

purchase hosting

$149 per month


$99 per month


$49 per month


Cloud Hosting Includes:

1 Dedicated IP (included) or 4 Dedicated IPs with Custom DNS Name Servers and a separate IP address for email ($50 per year extra).

Please note: you MUST agree to our hosting terms before signing up for hosting or SEP hosting your website.

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