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Clinton Cimring, PHD Founder of Get Updated

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Clinton Cimring, one of the original founders of Search Engine Partner, was one of the first published search engine optimizers and website optimization consultants[1] and currently holds the only trademark on the term, S.E.O.[2]. According to the United States Patent and Trademark[3] office he has had a trademark pending on the term since 1996 and it seems to be between he and a Jason Gambert. Cimring claims first use of the term, S.E.O., as far back as 19960923 with his company, The International Cimring Group, Inc. (ICG, Inc.) with a first use in commerce since 19990924, while Jason Gambert claims as first use only since 20070214. [4]

Cimring is also well known in the website optimization[5] arena for introducing new techniques or approaches to website optimization such as SEO 2.0 and coining the terms, SEO 2.0, reverse seo, and buzz keywords[6].

Clinton Cimring

Pic: Clinton Cimring


Early history

Cimring began his career in technology at a very young age. Originally from South Africa, upon arriving in the United States, Cimring began his career in business at the young age of 15 as a manager of the family business, Flowernook, at Sawgrass Mills mall in Sunrise, FL.[7] The following year, the young entrepreneur embarked on his own business venture and opened his own version of a store, a trailer at the Swap Shop flea market.[8] As sole owner and operator, Cimring sold electronics and computer components; most of which he claims to have salvaged from dumpsters and repaired. With his chosen market proving to be less than lucrative, the next year, Cimring was once again involved in the family business, the International Cimring Group, Inc. (ICG Inc.)[9], which was one of the first Web Site Optimization firms.[7] At age 17, Cimring went to work in the corporate arena where he worked as an intern for Rankdex at night while attending high school .

Cimring's technological knowledge came courtesy of the US Department of Defense [11]. At the age of 19, Cimring voluntarily enlisted in the United States Marine Corps[12] with the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), Intel. Following 9/11[13], Cimring decided to transfer to Active Duty[14]. During Operation Iraqi Freedom[15] and Operation Enduring Freedom[16], Cimring served as Intelligence Liason, developing networking technologies between stations here and in the Middle East[17]. Working with companies like Boeing[18] and Lockheed Martin[19], Cimring dealt specifically with encrypting and decrypting messages for the Defense Messaging System[20] and the management of physical assets and support equipment[21] between the two locations.

Clinton's heyday

Beyond the Corps, Cimring went to work in the private industry for several Gold's Gym[22] franchisees in Broward[23] and Palm Beach[24] Counties, FL. Within one year, Cimring became one of the youngest Fitness Directors in Florida according to the Boca Raton Magazine [25], personally managing 20 department heads. In 2004, he developed and implemented the idea for the first health club orientated weight loss contest. Cimring coined the catch phrase, "It's not just cosmetic anymore… It's your health," and the contest was featured on the corporate website,, from 2005-2007 and in several clubs as the "Gold's Gym 40th Anniversary Weight Loss Contest."[26]

In 2007 Cimring became a recognized search engine optimizer on Wikipedia[5]. He expanded his 10 years of internet algorithm[27] experience since the development of the first web search engines[28], namely Web Crawler[29], with website optimization techniques to include Google's new Universal search algorothm[27] in what he referred to as SEO 2.0[30].

As Google came out with their new Universal Search algorithm, Cimring came up with a new approach to manipulate it. He called it SEO 2.0 or website optimization 2.0[30]. According to Cimring, the SEO 2.0 approach is based more upon the backend architecture and programming of a website and not the inbound[31] or backlinks[32] linking to the site, as Google's old algorithm had been almost solely based upon. The term SEO comes from the basic computer terminology, whereas optimization is the streamlining of some sort of system connected with computers. In this case, it is targeted toward manipulating a website and a search engine's algorithm so the site appears on the first page. [33] "It stands for Strategically Elevating Optimization."

While honing his skills, Cimring partnered with several local small businesses in South Florida[35], helping them to develop and define the scope of their web presense and search engine marketing plans and corporate branding[36] and identities to include SEO.

Cimring's claim to fame is not only bringing SEO to a company that was primarily concerned with optimizing IT[37], but restructuring and transforming their entire business.[38] Get Updated (Get Updated IM) evolved from a combination of Get Updated AB, a public mobile internet news company in Sweden and Eastpoint AB, a so-called "one-stop-shop" business solutions firm and public website hosting company under Crystone, both traded on the Nordic Stock Exchange Group.[39]

Cimring claims to have came up with the idea of uniting Get Updated and Eastpoint into one international conglomerate[40] founded on advertising and business solutions. Cimring's slogan was, "Is your business still operating on 20th century with Web 1.0 principles? Get Updated!" The two companies united under the name, Get Updated (Get Updated IM) and Cimring claims to have overseen the acquisition of one of the largest international SEM firms, Just Search[41][42], and one of the largest SEM firms in the US,[43][44]. The idea was so successful that the two companies rejected the business solutions model and focused on internet media entirely."[45].

From 2007-2008, Cimring went to work for what is now The Phoresite Group. Over the period of 8 months, Cimring restructured the entire conglomerate from top to bottom. By September, Phoresite was located in a four-story building across the street from what was their original 5 office location and the small advertising agency had become a "consortium" of over 10 companies and almost 150 employees according to the South Florida Business Journal.[46][47] As Vice President of Business Development, Cimring claims to have personally trained the senior Vice President, five divisional vice presidents, 15 directors, and over 100 line employees. Phoresite is now known in downtown Ft. Lauderdale as the beacon of permissive advertising and alternative advertising.[48][49]




Pic: Phoresite Meeting | Clinton Cimring at far right corner


Phoresite Internet media was the medium Cimring used to test his theory of SEO 2.0. If Google had changed their algorithm to adjust to users' behaviors, Cimring beilived he could adjust his SEO techniques as well. Cimring claims to have perfected his website optimization techniques through the company he founded, Search Engine Partner[53].

Clinton Cimring managed to optimize his own name so well that Google now recognizes it as a keyword.

Clinton Cimring


Clinton Cimring today

Cimring currently maintains his certifications as an IEEE CSDP (Certified Software Development Professional), WEB CEO University Professional Internet Marketer from 2008, SFIMA Intermediate Search Engine Marketing Professional from 2008, Florida Business Education Teacher from 2004, updated in 2008, as well as being a Certified Managerial Account (CMA). In addition, Cimring is also a registered USPTO patent agent/practitioner with several inventions and technological innovations in the pipeline.



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