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  • website construction example
  • web 2.0 website
  • web 2.0 sample
  • website construction example
  • web 2.0 sample
  • web 2.0 website

What is SEO 2.0?

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SEO 2.0 is the logical Next Generation of SEO

'There are a few things SearchEnginePartner is exceptionally good at and we would rather focus on our core competencies rather than kid ourselves about being a jack of all. And our main thrust is understanding how search engines think and how your consumers think. In both respects it comes down to predicting behavior, whether machine or human.

SEO 1.0:

  • website optimization
  • image optimization for Google Images
  • product feed optimization for eCommerce websites for Google Product Search

SEO 2.0:

  • Social Media Optimization
  • News Feed and Article Optimization
  • YouTube Optimization
  • Local Business Result Optimization

SEO 2.0 Definition:

SEO 2.0 is the act of rendering Google's results optimal based on Google's Universal Search Algorithm) "the simultaneous optimization of images, videos, indented results, a search within a search, subpages, and SML descriptions, as opposed to just an index homepage"; "in an optimization problem we seek values of the variables that lead to an optimal value of the function that is to be optimized"; "to promote the optimization and diversification of a Web 2.0 website within Google"

If SEO 1.0 is about website optimization (content, keywords, meta tags, Title and Header tags) and search engine placement; SEO 2.0 is about:
Syndication: RSS 2.0, ATOM
Content Delivery Networks
Dynamic Content (content management systems)
Social Media Optimization & Public Relations Optimization including Online Reputation Management
YoutTube Optimization

Monetization: the effective ways a site has used monetization techniques to increase its revenue.
Syndication: techniques that benefit SEO 2.0 and also make it easier for visitors to stay up to date with a site.
Content Delivery Networks can potentially reduce bandwidth costs and improve a site's performance.

A good way to look at this is by contrasting SEO 1.0 and SEO 2.0:


















SEO 2.0

Link building, manually adding them, submitting static websites to directories, link exchange, paying for links

Getting links, enhancing it by certain actions like blogging, writing pillar content, creating link bait, socializing

On site optimization for spiders: example repetitive page titles concentrating (solely) on keywords

On site optimization for users. Example: Attractive post titles

Competition: You compete with others to be on the first page/in the Google top 10 for keywords

Cooperation: You cooperate with each other submitting fellow bloggers to social media or voting for them, you link to them

Link Building

Link Bait

Hiding: We're not doing SEO, we can't show our client list publicly, impersonal SEO company

Being open: We are proud to work with our new client, Fire & Ice.



Optimization for links

Optimization for traffic

clicks, pageviews, visits

conversions, ROI, branding


Main traffic sources: Directories, Web Browser Search Bars,

Main traffic sources: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Image and Product Searches

one way communication

dialog, conversation

top down

bottom up

undemocratic, who pays most is on top

democratic, who responds to popular demand is on top

50% automated

0% automated



The main thrust of SEO 2.0 starts by selecting the RIGHT keyword phrases. In the past Google looked for exact keyword matches regardless of whether the phrases were in quotes. With their new algorithm they can almost predict what a searcher means as is the case of the auto suggest box on and what Yahoo and others have been doing for a while. Google's new approach is based on a matrix where they can cross reference synonyms, singular vs. plural forms, typos (of course), and more. In SEO 2.0, We don't recommend selecting keywords them beforehand because most of the time our clients end up choosing the wrong package for their budget and end up with a poor return on investment. In the past you could select a package with 30 or 60 keywords, but back then computer and computers were two completely different keywords. In fact, most companies using a traditional SEO 1.0 approach still believe this to be true. So, in all actuality you may very well be paying for a 10 keyword package. When we say 30 keywords, in SEO 2.0, we mean 30 distinct phrases.

The way Google's new algorithm works is that it can tell that a keyword like "Intel Core 2 Duo Dell Laptop" can be broken down into "Dell Laptop," "Dell Notebook," "Core 2 Duo Laptop," etc.
They would all be considered one keyword. This change just came about in the last year since Google introduced their Universal search. Our whole seo 2.0 approach is really about manipulating Google's new formula.

The main thing is that you don't have to think about it. Let us worry about that.

You should also know that a keyword like, "Dell Laptop," might not be the best keyword to optimize. From an ROI standpoint it would cost a lot more and generate a lot less results. Someone might initially type that into a search box, but then find a better match on a site, like "Dell Vostro 1500 Core 2 Duo 2GB." They omitted Laptop entirely because they figured out that certain sites we're coming up that used the term, "Notebook." eBay also has a huge influence over what searchers type in these days and most SEO companies discount them completely. The searcher types that in and you're site doesn't come up because you optimized the more difficult term and you lose the sale to someone whose spending less on their campaign.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but we hope you'll trust us enough to select the right keywords for you.

For more on SEO 2.0 please read our SEO 2.0 Services page.

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