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Backend Coding and search engine robots

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Backend Coding

SEP sets a higher standard for seo based website design as it relates to Small and Medium size businesses, which traditionally do not enjoy the same design quality in their websites as do larger corporations. Our promise to our partners is to provide the best value for the investment. Not only do we want to make your website look great, we want search engines to think it looks great too.

We pride ourselves in being able to communicate a vision and corporate agenda through unmatched design capabilities and practical application while making a web design search engine friendly.  We value the message that you wish to deliver to your customers, and we will work together with you ensure all of your goals are met. This is why we design our own custom sites to fit your specific needs. The advantage of this option is that you will receive a unique design that is specific to your business. We code all of our designs from scratch, giving us more flexibility in achieving the look, feel, and functionality that you desire. This is a no template zone!

A factor that many SEO's overlook, but that is just as important as keyword research and application, search engine submission, or link popularity, is the size, appearance, and cleanliness of your XHTML coding. The size, cleanliness, and appearance and presentation to the search engine robots and spiders can be the difference between ranking #1 and #12.


Size of HTML Coding and Page

These days, it seems as though every developer is using Flash, JavaScript, or in some cases - dynamic page generation (DHTML) tools like ASP, PHP, of Coldfusion's CFM. While these tools make database integration and visual appearance both simplified and amazing - it can also hinder the optimization value of a page - and do so in the eye of every search engine.

Bear in mind that there are two elements that a search engine's spiders and robots can read and decipher. That is the actual XHTML markup code, and the ASCII text that appears on the page itself. Regardless of which search engine is your target, it is wise to have the ASCII text contained within your page outweigh the XHTML coding of the page.

Every search engine prefers a different amount of text on the page, a different overall page size, and of course, a different keyword density ratio. Google, for example, likes small page sizes, with the size ranging anywhere from 5K to 20K.


XHTML Appearance and Presentation Schema

This one may sound a bit odd to some, so let us clarify what we are discussing. We are not talking about your XHTML code's appearance per se. Instead, what we mean is the way that your XHTML code is presented to the search engine robots and spiders.

When the search engines come to your web page, they have a number of things that they are going to be looking for, and a number of things that they don't want to find on the page.
Some of the criteria that the search engine robots look for are:

  • Content, content, and more content
  • Keyword rich text
  • Title tags
  • Links and Link titles
  • Alt tags
  • A keyword density percentage
  • H1 Tags
  • Large text sizes
  • No Frames tag if using Frames
  • Attributes

Some of the things that the search engine robots do not want to find on your page are:

  • Too little Text
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Heavy JavaScript
  • Large File Sizes
  • Small Text Sizes
  • Frames

Each search engine puts a different amount of weight on each of these criteria, but general rules apply across the board.

When the search engine robots visit your web page, and site for that matter, they will want to see certain things at the top of your XHTML code. This is what we mean by the appearance of your XHTML code: the things that the search engines look for in ranking a website should be as close to the top as possible. This is not the rule that applies to all search engines, as a few of them do prefer to see text and links near the bottom of the page as well.

XHTML Tags and Attributes

XHTML tags and attributes are codes inserted in the backend of a website to supply additional information to search engines' crawlers to help improve the ranking of that website. Most XHTML tags also includes backslashes to close the lines, which many SEO's forget about as they were not included in standard HTML. Implementation of HTML tags and attributes in your website is essential with other marketing strategies to increase higher ranking especially into the top 10 placement in Google.

Anchor Text (Link text)

Search Engine Partner will ensure that the visible text in the html code is properly placed; this will increase the page rank of your site and fully optimize your website closer to Google's first page placement.

By using anchor text as inbound links to other blogs and forums, SearchEnginePartner will be able to improve the rankings of these pages and raise their placement in Google.

Google Universal Attributes

Based on the W3C's XHTML standards, tags and attributes will be placed in the xhtml code read by Google's system that will blend listings from its news, video, images, local and book search engines among those it gathers from crawling web pages. SearchEnginePartner make images searchable by using attributes, such as alt "tags" and title "tags." This allows crawlers to read the xhtml attributes for the images and this will better increase your page rank to move up in Google, particularly up to Google's top ten placement.

Backend Coding

Backend coding refers to the coding of your site (the code button in Dreamweaver). Search Engine Partner will assure that the coding on the page source is laid out properly and easily read (seo friendly web design) by search engine crawlers to increase page rank and meets all current W3C standards.

If your project requires a database, we will develop a custom database in MySQL operating on a Linux server. Your site will be “coded” by use of industry standard PHP, edited in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and various other tools to ensure the greatest level of capability across most platforms.


SEP will implement the latest syndication technologies such as RSS feeds and/or ATOM feeds, and social bookmarking capabilities on your site or blog to have your viewers build content for you. A well planned social networking campaign will become equivalent to having a whole team of SEO techs and bloggers on staff. Using blogs creates a user-friendly environment to view and post different information. A successful blog requires fresh content daily and reliable content.

If there might be industry news relating to your business, we will build a dynamic news function that streams news automatically. This is a good idea to not only show the search engine spiders that you have changing content on a minute by minute basis, but also to give your viewers a reason to come back.

By using a social networking campaign, it will make your site that much more search engine friendly.

Press Releases and Online Brochures

If any print material exists or will be designed, it is a good idea to have a digital copy located on the website. If any newsletters exist, they should also be available on the website. By making the newsletter available on the website, it can be mailed to leads and targeted customers.

Press releases are extremely important for promoting business. They help enhance the company's image by highlighting important events. They are also an excellent tool for search engine marketing, providing additional content for keywords.

Shopping Cart Development

If the site is going to be an e-Commerce site with a shopping cart, the content of your site will be managed through an easy to use Content Management System (CMS). You will be provided a backend admin page in which you will have the ability to create additional pages on your site that can be automatically applied. Furthermore, if the site needs dynamic web applications such as a shopping cart, all urls (subpage names) will be seo friendly; no ?'s or % signs.

For more read our How to Increase Page Rank section.

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