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SEO Level 1
[Level 1]



SEO Level 1
[Level 1]


On-Site Optimization

$25 per hour @ 100 hours

Off-Site Optimization

$10 per hour @ 500 hours

Copy Writing

$25 per hour @ 100 hours

Total Optimization Cost


Monthly Maintenance (by number of rankings): 1-10: FREE | 11-15: $3,250 (discounted from $5,000)
1-3 words, +40K searches/month/term.

Note: level 1 terms are likely prefixes of major search terms called “short tail keywords;” that is why they are limited to a maximum of 15. 15 may encompass several hundred extensions and suffixes called “long tail keywords.” i.e.: SEO
*Note: new websites are not eligible for a level 1 campaign.


  • Acquire “Search Engine Real-Estate” in Google.
    1. Rank website in the 1st position for either the actual website address with a “minisitemap” or images located on the website under Google images.
    2. Rank website in the 1st-3rd position for products located on e-commerce websites through Google base feeds.
    3. Rank website in the 4th position for Google Places (even if no a brick and mortar store exists).
    4. Rank website throughout the 1st page for current news articles, YouTube videos, directory listings and more.
    5. Rank website on the 2nd page for subpages based off the homepage.
  • Drive only qualified traffic to your website by optimizing for shopping and buying search terms.
  • Increase brand presence of website through social networking including bookmarking, blogging, forum posting, press release distribution, and article submissions.
  • Rank website under local IP address searches for major metropolitan areas (not the same as a Google Places result or Google Maps search).

SCOPE OF SEO 2.0 SERVICES (The services below are to be performed on all pages of the website and not just the homepage.)

1. Static Website Procedures

  • www redirection for both Microsoft and Linux servers
  • domain renewal 5 years out
  • hosting on dedicated IP/server
  • word image (.jpg, .gif, .png) to ADA approved text conversions
  • sitemap.xml for Google and urllist.txt for Yahoo!
  • submit homepage and subpages separately to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing through at least 100 different IP addresses (in the United States)
  • submit website to free directories like,,,, Yahoo! local, DMOZ, Google Maps, etc.
  • search Google for titles of pages, open pages in new tabs, and click on subpages within new tabs from at least 100 different IP addresses (in the US)
  • post Page Rank 2-6 relevant and permanent inbound links on associated sites that are not link farms, SPAM, or directories and do not contain more than 90 outbound links per campaign level chosen
  • blog integration into existing website
  • blog posting, press release distribution, and article writing and ping press releases in mygoogle, myyahoo
  • copy writing as needed 250-1000 words per page: title, first sentence, last paragraph and throughout body text with 5% search term density or less according to seoquake.
  • secondary search term phrases appearing in sub-headings and throughout body text with search term density of 1-3%.
  • backend W3C recoding as needed: add both alt and title attributes (tags) to images & title attributes to links (anchor text) and ensure conformity with xhtml standards
  • subpage renaming with chosen search terms and redirection from previous links
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration
  • RSS feed
  • social networking through,,, Yahoo! Answers, Google Buzz etc.
  • Favicon creation
  • Google Caffeine and Instant algorithm updates
  • And our patented approach to manipulating Google’s Universal Search Algorithm including its new Link SPAM algorithm and Google Places. . . .

2. Database-Driven (Dynamic) Website Procedures

  • URL display name renaming i.e. .php to .html
  • Automatic Meta Tag (Attribute) creation including page titles, descriptions, and H1 tags.

Optimization costs and fee estimates are summarized at These fees are effective provided (a) your website is in good order (is not flash, a copy of another site, or blacklisted) and (b) a webmaster can devote enough time to the implementation process. Fees will be adjusted to actual costs accordingly. We will not incur additional hours without written prior approval. Our fees do not include modifications to the outlined services.

The monthly maintenance fees below only kick in once we rank your site for at least ten search terms in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. These fees are not in addition to the up-front fee. If we are only able to rank ten search terms in each of those search engines then there are no monthly maintenance fees.

MONEY BACK guarantee
All SEO 2.0 services include a full money-back guarantee to rank at least ten (10) search terms on the first page of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This guarantee does not mean that we can rank you on the first page of Google; but if we can’t, you get a full refund, no questions asked.

Landing on the first page is extremely noteworthy and it is important to note that your competitors will likely try to knock you off once you do. In addition to the money back guarantee, we offer an optional pay for performance guarantee. This guarantee applies to the monthly maintenance fees associated with the search term campaigns listed at If your rankings ever drop off the first page; this is where our pay for performance guarantee comes into play. If any of the search terms (above the ten we guarantee) drop off the first page, then you pay nothing for that month since we guarantee up to ten rankings with no additional fees. If we are able to rank more than the ten we guarantee then the monthly maintenance fees are our bonus for the amount above and beyond the initial ten search terms we are able to rank. You pay for our performance and you may opt into this plan at any time.

Please note: you MUST agree to our SEO terms before signing up for SEO or SEP optimizing your website.

  • Price
  • $10,000.00
For more information, please visit this services webpage.
This service was added to our catalog on Saturday 19 June, 2010.
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