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Pay Per Click Management



Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Campaign and Bid Management

Objective: (1) Increase visibility (impressions) in Google; this is also known as search engine result real-estate, (2) Increase number of website visitors. Be visible in the search engines instantly.

Advantage: Reach (displays, impressions) is free of charge – you are only investing in people who are actually clicking on the ad and visiting your website, thus called pay per click. Combined with SEO, this can be an excellent tool for branding; an organic listing can appear in several places on the left hand side, while a sponsored link can appear on the right hand side.

Disadvantage: Return on Investment is much lower than SEO over a course of run. It is intended to supplement SEO; not to replace it.

What’s included

  • Set up Google AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, and Microsoft adCenter accounts
  • Keyword analysis and research (unlimited keywords included)
  • Targeting: search words, regions, times
  • Promoting generic keywords and specific products
  • Professional and “selling” Ad-texts
  • Linking to landing page with deeplinks

 (Deeplinks can be changed during the campaign)

Budget recommendation for Visitors/Clicks

  • Budget for Clicks/Traffic is flexible (changes always possible)
  • Recommended budget:                                                                      $499/monthly
  • Minimum contract length 3 months
  • Can put a daily spend cap on campaign

Conversion Tracking                                                                            INCLUDED

  • Implementation of Google Conversion Tracking
  • Tracks various actions like sales, registering for newsletter, downloading information, and filling out our forms, etc.
  • Integration with Google analytics

Continuous Campaign Management                                                  INCLUDED

  • Bid-Management
  • Adjustment of keywords, click prices, and ad texts
  • Extension with new products
  • Dedicated Technician and Account Manager

Reporting                                                                                               INCLUDED

  • Reporting including keywords, impressions, clicks, and conversion rates are on a monthly basis

  • Price
  • $499.00
For more information, please visit this services webpage.
This service was added to our catalog on Monday 21 June, 2010.
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